About Us

PeerZone is a client based (non internet) software program designed to simplify a contractor’s financial data collection and presentation. The PeerZone project was started in 1992 by Denton Hammond to computerize the analytical techniques he developed in his book Granting Credit To Contractors.

Mr.Hammond is the leading authority on proper financial analysis of a construction contractor for Bank Credit and Surety Bonding. He has personally trained over 500 contract surety underwriters and is a sought after consultant to the surety industry.

We created PeerZone to answer important questions that contractors ask:

  • How am I performing compared to other contractors of similar type and size in this region?
  • What does a surety or a bank look at when I am trying to get bonding or credit 
  • How can I avoid financial pitfalls and maximize the potential of my company?



PeerZone WIP  is now available in the  downloads section or click on the above picture to go to the PeerZone WIP web site.